A unique form of Retinaldehyde (Retinal)

Advantages of our Retinaldehyde Lipocaps:

  • Retinaldehyde (INCI Retinal) is not light stable and one step away from Retinoic Acid without the side effects of the Acid.
  • Retinal is substantially more active (500 times more!) than their Vitamin A counterparts and Retinal is 11 times more bio-active than Retinol.
  • By encapsulation of Retinaldehyde with Liposomes the Retinaldehyde LipoVes® are formed.
  • Retinaldehyde LipoVes® with an approximate particle size of less than 20nm are penetrating deep into the skin and are more effectively.

  • We are distributing Retinaldehyde LipoVes® with Origin China exclusively in Europe.

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