About Retinaldehyde

Retinaldehyde (INCI: Retinal) is the most exciting and well researched ingredient in skincare.

In the body, we convert Beta Carotene into Retinol, Retinol into Retinaldehyde and Retinaldehyde into Retinoic Acid.

Retinaldehyde is substantially more active (500 times more!) than their Vitamin A counterparts and Retinal is 1 step away from Retinoic Acid without the side effects of the Acid.

Compared to the well known Retinol, Retinal is 11 times more bio-active than Retinol.

All Vitamin A derivatives have important and proven activity in the skin in an escalating level from Beta Carotene to Retinoic Acid respectively.

Retinaldehyde's known benefits are that it exfoliate and lighten the skin, reduces oil and bacteria, remodels the epidermis/dermis by actively stimulating collagen/elastin production and provides anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.

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